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Pooling of funds by founding members

About Subscription

This subscription is for initial pooling of funds for operating Equinox Business. All the subscribers will be founding members of Equinox Business and will hold a proportion of EQX token in their Account. This is a confirmation mechanism of contribution from core team members. Each Subscription certificate will hold a power of 20% stack in entire business.


About Equinox Business

Equinox Business is a web based blockchain platform comprise of System Protocols and Applications with business usecases. Project is in development stage.


About EQX

EQX is a BEP20 standard native token of Equinox Business ( – Blockchain powered System Protocols & Applications for business enterprises.

What EQX is used for ?
EQX is designed to be used in Equinox ecosystem by Business enterprises to launch projects, incentivize teams, distribute dividends, operate business on Equinox’s blockchain powered Platform.

Are Equinox (EQX) details available on ?
Yes. Equinox with a symbol ‘EQX’ has a verified contract address and details of project, social links, communication channel are also available there.


Funds utilization

All the funds received will be kept in the Metamask wallet address 0xeC3E8C814D33a7B202C2127e7bc68620ae7e2781

The funds will be utilized with the proper approval of all the team members on the defined tasks.



Being a Deployer of the project it is assured to members all the legitimate rights over the assets of the organization and all the upcoming events to the tune of their contribution.

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