Build a Problem DAO in minutes !

Raise Capital, Trade your token, share dividend and much more.

Create a Team Wallet to send and receive cryptos

Make a Project and mint its Governance Token.

Sell & Raise capital with Unified ICO Swap.

Govern DAO's decision with On-chain Governancedecentralized application.

Share Dividend with community usingDividend Dispenserdecentralized application.

Equinox Business is a cohesive set of decentralized applications that work collectively to run an entire business on the Blockchain.

  • No Code Web App
  • User friendly Interface
  • Completely Decentralized
  • Start from scratch
  • Dedicated Support
  • For Anyone with a business idea or skills

Key Features

Comprehensive DAO ecosystem

In-App ecosystem to team up, create DAO & its Project, mint G token, Governance with G token, ICO swap to raise seed capital, Enterprise DEX (Under development) to enable trading in G token, On-chain Business suite (Under development) to perform functions as Business enterprise.

KYC enabled projects

DAO teams need to validate their social, email, phone and an ID document. This is to make all projects Doxxed and team information publicly open.

Unified ICO Swap

Teams can Raise Seed capital in BNB with unified ICO swap and 50% of BNB collected credits in MultiSig wallet and remaining 50% funds gets locked for 3 months and in case the project fails to reach soft cap the funds reroutes to contributing wallets.

Dedicated DEX for DAO Tokens

 Dedicated Decentralized Exchange for DAO tokens. Liquidity comes through MultiSig wallet to ensure team participation.

DAO's Governance token

 BEP20 standard governance token for Governance and trading both. Weighted governance by G token holders is under development. Presently, Teams has equal vote on all proposals created..

On-chain Business Suite

Integrated decentralized applications to manage DAOs as professional business entities, for example, contract manager, pay scheduler, payroll manager, dividend dispenser, bounty issuer.

Key USPs

DAO MultiSig Wallet
  • Add/remove members with voting
  • Do transactions with approval by all members
  • Acts as a Wallet for ICO contributions
  • Liquidity to DAO token for DEX listing upcoming
  • Share Dividend with community upcoming
DAO Project & Token
  • KYCed deployer
  • One Project for each DAO
  • One MultiSig wallet for each Project
  • All Project details in one place
  • Mint one token for each Project
  • Use token in your products
  • Acts as Crypto asset for fundraising & trade
Unified ICO Swap
  • Buy DAO tokens with BNB
  • Buy directly from your Web3 Wallet
  • Doxxed Projects
  • KYCed Teams
  • Locks 100% of funds till ICO period
  • Releases 50% to MultiSig after ICO period
  • Releases remaining after 3 months
  • Refunds to buyers if soft cap not reaches
Enterprise DEX for DAO tokens
  • upcoming
  • Give Liquidity from MultiSig
  • All DAO members approves liquidity
  • See Price charts and Order books
  • Lock liquidity for any period
  • Fee sharing among DAO token and EQX Community
On-chain Business Suite
  • upcoming
  • Share Dividend with community
  • Get into contract with parties
  • Schedule payment against contracts
  • Give Bounties for special tasks
  • And much more
Transform DAOs into DABOs
Decentralized Autonomous Business Organizations
Get Business Ready

Teams can build trust among themselves, manage crypto treasury collectively, can raise capital in a completely decentralized way, make their token tradable on DEX, can govern DAO with voting on crucial decisions and decentralize operations with On-chain Business suite.

Target Users
Who is it for ?

You can be a team with a good idea, an artist, an existing organization aspiring to create a global community, a not for profit entity and can even be a group of people for a noble cause.

Resolving pain points
Key Solutions
  • You need no coding knowledge to build a fully functional complex DAO. 
  • You are getting a trustless and decentralized ecosystem to form a digital organization and can have members across the world.
  • Your crypto assets are manageable jointly by your team members. 
  • Having use of blockchain, smart contracts and cryptography gives a global character for your DAO. 
  • You can create a cross border, global community by associating them through your DAO token with your inspiring idea and can share economic gains also with integrated business dApps. 
  • It is now more than easier it ever been to interact with cross border parties for collaborations and contracts and exchange values with smart contract governed Contract manager dApp.
Wrapped DAO

Just wrap your DAO legally with local laws using a good legal advisory and you are good to go beyond borders in a matter of minutes !

A Simple Use Case
For Everyone
A Group of Artists

Let's say you are a team of guitarists with a nice fan following.

What you can achieve

Your cross border team can manage treasury jointly, You may need funds for your music projects, may interact with global parties to collaborate without relying on simple assurances or may want to create a global and engaged community.

The ways and means
How the App going to help you
  • Build a DAO: You can create a DAO in seconds and propose decisions to be taken and be voted upon by all members of DAO.
  • A MultiSig Wallet: You can create a MultiSIg wallet for your cryptos which requires on-chain approval of all team members for each and every transaction. 
  • Unified ICO Swap: You can offer the crypto token you minted for your DAO’s project to be bought by anyone and from anywhere all over the world. 
  • Dividend Dispenser dApp: The contribution credits into your MultiSIg wallet from which you can declare Net profit for 30 days cycle, the Dividend dispenser dApp securely and automatically share the profit with your token holders in seconds !
DAO Propulsion Cell
Dedicated Support

With dedicated support cell for DAOs to handhold them in each step, whether it about using the application, marketing, networking or anything which can help you to expand the scope of your DAO for real world application. Connect With the Cell on Telegram.

DAO Scenerio

  • Members Globally
    1 Million
  • Resources (Top 20 DAOs)
    $14 B
  • Investment in 1278 Deals
    $30 B
  • DAO Infrastructure Projects (Including Equinox Business)
  • DAO resources with xDAO.pp
    $317 M

Invest in Project

Pitch Deck

Application is BSC first and MVP is live on BSC testnet. It is currently undergoing audit after which will be deployed on BNB smart chai to be used in live environment. Refer Pitch Deck here.

The App token

Equinox (EQX) is a fixed supply BEP20 standard token. It is in use to validate DAOs to access and use Equinox Ecosystem. In short term, It is proposed to be used in deployments once listed, in sharing dividends with EQX community, Equinox's native LP tokens. Refer Token Contract Here.

Competitive Comparison

Though the Equinox team striving to be the most complete ecosystem for DAO yet we always recognize the competition and good things in Industry. Refer Comparision chart


EQX has a fixed supply of 100 Million. 15 Million burnt in various exercises. Most of the supply is planned to be made available for community. Refer detailed Tokenomics here.

Market Cap

EQX has a Initial Market cap of $58,348 with an allocation of 11,400,000 EQX in seed sales. Refer Sale contract here.

Want to Invest ?

For investments in EQX, the project, in expansion or equity, connect with CEO or Director (Marketing) for further discussion.

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