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Read the whitepaper

EQX’s Initial Coin Offering

It is advisable to read all the relevant details and documents related to EQX and be an informed investor before investing their money in.
ICO is live at

What is EQX ?

EQX is native digital token of

How EQX token is been developed ?

EQX is developed on Binance Smart Chain and is fully complaint to BEP-20 Standard

What is the symbol ?

EQX is the official symbol of the token

Is the token contract address verified ?

Yes. Token contract address is verified on

What are it's primary use cases ?

EQX is used by User Organizations for transactions to use platform, launch projects, incentivize teams and to distribute dividends to their investors

Is there allotment for teams and marketing ?

Yes. 10% for team is kept aside. However team memberss can only claim tokens in a staged manner on reaching certain milestones

Is there any Hard/Soft Cap on buying per account ?

Yes. A buyer with a unique wallet address can buy even 1 EQX and to 50,000 EQX maximum.

What will be the offer price of EQX ?

1 EQX = 0.0089 USD

What is the contract address of EQX ?


Where can all the transactions be viewed ?

What is the total supply ?

95.50 million

How much is there for buyers participating in ICO ?

20% of the total supply i.e. 20000000 (20 million) tokens and in a staged manner to progressively benefit early buyers. At Phase 1 we are offering 357200 EQX tokens in Limited Pre Sale.

When will ICO be launched ?

ICO is live from 14th November 2021

Is there any discount applicable on mass purchase ?


Need more information
on ICO ?

Join telegram channel: @eqxforbusiness for announcements and more

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What’s the plan after ICO ?

Presently, ICO is live now. In a couple of weeks we would be launching the MVP of Application.