Build Community Centric Gaming DAOs using Equinox’s No Code DAO ecosystem

A cross border team of game developers may bring an excellent game into reality and tokenization of assets allow the users to gain value through NFTs.

A backend preparation, if we look into, may require the team of developers to trust one another, manage treasury collectively and most of the time needs capital to fund the next gaming projects.

If we provide a reliable mechanism through which the teams can do all the things mentioned above and create a cross border community with their governance token by offering them to sale and/or trade and also share profit with them from the incomes wherever they would be generating from.

So, how can Equinox help these enterprising teams of developers ?

  1. Tokenization of Business bu creating a Gaming DAO, it’s unique project and mint it’s governance token.
  2. Raise funds with Unified ICO Swap.
  3. Manage crypto Treasury with DAO MultiSig Wallet.
  4. Make governance token tradable at Dedicated DEX for DAOs (Optional)
  5. Declare dividend in every 30 days cycle and share the BNB automatically and proportionately from MultiSig wallet with their G token holders.

With this, We are giving a global and cross border character to game development teams to transform them from common developers to a full scale Digital Enterprise.

We call these Digital Enterprises as DABOs, i.e. Decentralized Autonomous Business Organization.

What else we can do ?
With Equinox’s dedicated DAO support Cell, we can help them wrap their DAOs under local laws to expand to any scale and function beyond borders. Join the DAO support group on Telegram to create your Gaming DAO from scratch.

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