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Blockchain powered System Protocols and Applications

Seamlessly manage projects, resources & teams, automate business processes, ensure participation to stakeholders in governance, distribute dividends in realtime and much more.

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Blockchain Technology

Distributed digital ledger

Records business transactions on blockchain nodes and deploy immutable smart contracts

across network

Immutable storage, digital signatures and encryption for most trusted Records

predefined agreements

Having smart contracts in place, reach consensus among participants and ensure certainty of outcome outcome, without any intermediary’s involvement or time loss

Asset Management

Share dividend schedule among shareholders before time. Use Crypto Assets for Issuance and payment of dividends in realtime

Manage teams
& Projects transparently

Govern organization and manage teams by incorporating the votes on decisions by shareholders

Drive community & teams

For truly transparent organizations.

By incorporating their functions with EQUINOX platform organizations can empower the investors to access, audit and vote on business decisions at various levels, at the same time, manage projects and teams with the help of industry standard smart contract based project management tools

Ensure shareholder’s participation in decision making

Better relations with prominent investors

Good governance at all levels in hierarchy

Organized process flows through project management tools

Accountable Teams

Create teams and allocateoutcome based tasks.

Allocate time bound tasks to teams and to individuals.

Keep track of work flow and ensure needless delays and time bound outcomes.

Develop an appraisal based work culture .

Keep track of work flow and ensure needless delays and time bound outcomes.

Community Inputs


Publish potential decisions for voting by shareholders. View percentage vote on decisions and status of implementation.

Performance Appraisal

Nurture competitive work culture.

Nurture accountability and efficiency and create a committed work culture

A project of any size will aid the organization to properly monitor it]s functions and would also allow shareholders to access reports and vote on potential decisions

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Reach Consensus, Enforce Smart Contracts and at the same time manage projects, Professionally.

IncorporateBlockchain automations.

Blockchain protocols and smart contracts strengthens organization’s foundation and empower individuals to become multitasking.

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It cryptographically validates bi-directional exchange of value and/or data between two events thereby keep the business processes in motion in a trustless manner, that too, without human interventions.

Business organizations can integrate their functions with platform to manage projects and disclose data in order to automate the business process flows by employing platform’s project management tools, to reach consensus with shareholders by allowing them to vote of potential decisions and also to distribute dividends in native EXQ or USDT tokens to shareholders.

EQUINOX Platform, by means of infusing two set of stakeholders, one, the organizational executives and the other being general shareholders objectively create a consensus among two. The goal is achieved through opening up the organization’s pre defined process flow, functional data and the actual outcomes with that of its shareholders

Organizations under their control panel provide inputs on monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual business plan and select key monitoring components manage projects and to give access, review and voting rights to shareholders.

Different Control panels are there for organization and shareholders and are central to manage projects and to take part in decision making process and at the same time to view stats on dividend income and notifications on decisions, upcoming events, new reports generated etc.

Platform’s native token being represented with symbol ‘EQX’ and created through cryptographic technologies primarily used to be held by organization’s using equinox platform. This is generally equal to 1% of the organization’s previous year’s revenue. The benefits of price growth and the interest income would also go to the organization itself.

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